Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a survey?

In two words: Caveat emptor. It is always the buyer’s responsibility to be aware of what he or she is buying.

Surveys help the buyer avoid expensive surprises, as well as giving peace of mind. 

With the information from the survey the buyer might reconsider whether to buy the property or try and renegotiate the price. Alternatively, the buyer might ask the vendor to fix the problems before proceeding.


How much does a survey cost?

Fees for a survey are based on the type of survey and the size of the living space of the dwelling, and always includes the appurtenance. As an example the price of a full survey on a house of 100m2 costs €710.


How long does a survey take?

Depending on the size age and condition of a property, the surveyor will normally spend between four and six hours on the property.

Writing the report takes about a day, and will normally be available within three working days following the survey.


Why do I need a project manager?

There are several good reasons for using a project manger, but the main one is that a project manager is an expert in his or her field and will ensure that the work is conducted correctly to schedule and to budget.

Managing multiple trades on site is an art on its own, and it goes without saying that anything less than a perfect command of the language can lead to “misunderstandings”.


What if I need a structural engineer?

In France a surveyor (expert en bâtiment) is not the same as a structural engineer (ingénieur structures), but a surveyor will identify areas where a structural engineer or a geologist will need to be consulted, and will be able to advise on such matters.